Maldives is an island archipelago consisting of 19 natural atolls.The country is located to the south of India and to the west of Sri Lanka.The population is about three hundred thousand.The ethnicity of all inhabitants is East Indian.The spoken language is Dhivehi.The country is a Muslim country and all inhabitants observe and practice Islam to a very high degree.The main industries are tourism, fisheries, and construtction.The GDP is the highest in South Asia. Maldives is one of the wonders in the world with a record in the lowest to sea level in the world.The current president is Abdullah Yamin from the ruling Progressive Party of Maldives. The main opposition party is the Maldivian Democratic Party. The political situation in Maldives is that it is relatively unstable since late 2003. The crime rate is relatively low but considered dangerous by the inhabitants. The largest felony is drug abuse and violence. The health and medical sector is weak with inhabitants travelling to neighboring India and Sri Lanka for medical treatment. The education sector is becoming very strong with availabilty of tertiary education in newly formed private colleges.Maashaa Allah.All thanks are to Allah.

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