Hi there…My name is Naheez Thawfeeg…I am a 41 year old guy from Maldives an island country to the west of Sri Lanka and to the south of India in the Indian Ocean. This website consists of 9 interlinked pages all designed by myself in my elegant and comfortable room in my family home in Male’, the capital island city of Maldives…The Biography page will give my brief information technology biography, the Photos page will have some recent selfies and photos taken by myself…The Videos page will have some videos I had recorded by myself that are in YouTube…The Karaoke page has some midi and mp3 audio clips of my favorite metal bands…The About Maldives page will give you some information about my country the Maldives…The Social Media link will give you the websites I use ( which are web 2.0 portals )…The Advertisements page below will have ads by Google ( AdSense ads )...Before continuing to browse this website please first visit Terms and Conditions page and the Privacy Policy page! So that’s it…Thank you for visiting my website…

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